Trwa The Monstrous Winter Sale 2016. Nowe pakiety w promocji:

  • Build Your Own Bundle: Rebellion: Aliens vs Predator 2000, Battlezone 98 Redux+Red Odyssey, Empire Earth 1 Gold+2 Gold+3, Evil Genius, Ground Control Anthology+2 Operation Exodus Special Edition, Judge Dredd Dredd vs Death, Lords of Magic Special Edition, Lords of the Realm Royal Edition+3, Moonbase Commander, Pinball Gold Pack+World, Rogue Trooper, Sniper Elite Berlin 1945
  • Build Your Own Bundle: Daedalic: 1954 Alcatraz, Anna’s Quest, Blackguards Special Edition+Untold Legends+2, Bounty Train+Trainium Edition Upgrade, Caravan, Dead Synchronicity, Deponia 1-4, Gomo, Journey of a Roach, Randal’s Monday, Skyhill, The Last Tinker City of Colors, Night of the Rabbit, Valhalla Hills+Two-Horned-Helmet Edition/Upgrade, A New Beginning, Edna and Harvey Harver’s New Eyes+The Breakout, Chains of Satinav+Memoria, Whispered World Special Edition
  • Build Your Own Bundle: 1C Strategy: Fantasy Wars+Elven Legacy Collection, Faces of War, King’s Bounty The Legend+Crossworlds+Warriors of the North&Complete/Upgrade+Dark Side&Premium/Upgrade, Konung 1-2, Men of War+Assault Squad&GOTY/Upgrade+Red Tide+Vietnam&Special Edition/Upgrade, Perimeter+Emperor’s Testament, Soldiers Heroes of World War II, UFO Afterlight+Aftermath+Aftershock
  • Nordic Action Bundle: Aquanox 1-2, Darksiders Warmastered Edition+2 Deathnitive Edition, Chaser, Full Spectrum Warrior+Ten Hammers, Legend of Kay Anniversary, MX vs ATV Unleashed, Overclocked A History of Violence, Painkiller Black Edition, The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief, Red Faction 1-2, Silver, Summoner, Moment of Silence, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
  • Army Men Bundle: Army Men 1+2+Toys in Space
  • Introversion Bundle: Defcon, Darwinia, Multiwinia, Prison Architect+Aficionado DLC+Name in Game DLC, Uplink Hacker Elite
  • Myst Bundle: Myst Masterpiece Edition, Real Myst+Masterpiece Edition, Riven, Myst 5 Limited Edition
  • Topware Interactive Bundle: Dream Pinball 3D, Earth 2140+2150+2160, Jack Orlando, Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire, Knights and Merchants The Peasants Rebellion, Septerra Core, Two Worlds 1 Epic Edition+2 Epic Edition, Enclave, Gorky 17
  • Merge Bundle: Creatures Exodus+Albian Years+Village, Albedo Eyes From Outer Space, Commandos Ammo Pack+2+3, Imperial Glory, Praetorians
  • Build Your Own Bundle: 1C Action: Death to Spies+Moment of Truth, IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, Infinimum Strike, Pilot Brothers 1-3, Space Rangers HD A War Apart+Quest, Star Wolves 1-3, Blackhole

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